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Marketing Agency package, long-term companion with businesses and specialized by industry to more than 30 countries around the world

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The capacity and scope of deployment has been proven through the numbers

19 +
Reached countries
4 +
Years of experience
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480 %
Revenue's growth

In-house Marketing Agency Model

Client-centered works that best fit your company's distinct needs

1. Our people is trained and having accumulated experience in deploying services in the industry

2. Our strongly networking has been built for many years of performing marketing services

3. Multi-product operation helps to optimize resources and costs compared to enterprises using in-house personnel. Your enterprise does not need to worry about recruiting managers, training personnel.


1. The implementation process is clear, scientific, effective, and extracted from many similar marketing campaigns in the industry

2. A clear plan, focusing on key sales KPIs (Request, contact form, email, customer phone number …) or record depending on each period

3. Cost per performance Asia Lion offers is competitive comparing with other specialized players in the industry. Our starter packages were just from only 1,500 USD/month

1. Accompany for at least 1 year or more to understand and cooperate deeply with the business

2. Online and Offline Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

3. Revenue growth from Digital Marketing channels (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Baidu, Naver …)

Our services

Industry groups Asia Lion specializes and has in-depth knowledge in

Marketing Travel & Resorts

In-depth experience in the tourism industry. High-end products that Asia Lion’s staff have deployed are diverse from tours, airlines, yachts, hotels, resorts … at platform, B2B channels (fairs, Linekdin, Email Marketing, Webinar, etc.) Traditional TA), Online (Facebook, SEO, Google Ads…) in domestic and international markets.

International Marketing

Asia Lion actually deploys B2B and B2C marketing activities to promote multi-industry international (software, manufacturing, outsourcing …) in 8 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, etc.) , Indonesia and Vietnam) to more than 30 countries worldwide. Various deployment channels such as Twitter, Linkedin, Naver, Whatsapp, Facebook, Google, Bing…

Clients & Partners

Customers and partners have trusted and accompanied for many years

Differentiated capacity process

Differences in international project implementation capacity, channels (Twitter, Linkedin, Telegram, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram …) , languages (UK, Australia, USA, France, Germany, China… )

Asia Lion’s goal is to research and systematize the process, creating efficiency and uniformity on an international level, surpassing the common level of the region.


Join to talents of Asia Lion

Join to the talents, the deeply marketing training courses and explore 300% our potential capacity. New opportunities are always for excellent, determined and enthusiastic candidates. Discover job opportunities from Asia Lion now!


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